Why do animals stand or run around a lot? This is because they are the closest to nature. This tells us our original, healthy way of living life is by being active, which is achieved by standing and moving around. So if you are also the victim of prolonged sitting, then you need to do something! 

In case you keep spending your time this way, there can be several health consequences that might appear later in your life. 

A standing desk mat can help you lead a healthy and active lifestyle without spending hours in the gym. To give you an idea of why you need it, we have discussed some benefits below:

7 Reason Why You Need a Standing Desk Mat:

  1. It Helps With Core Strength:

The core is the most important part of our body that needs special care if you want to achieve better balance and stability while standing or walking. However, by sitting most of the time, you are only decreasing your core strength, which in turn affects your muscle power.

However, with the help of a standing desk mat, you can give your body the necessary ‘standing’ time for excellent strength. The flat cushioned and supportive surface of the mat allows you to sand for hours and not cause any bodily fatigue, which is perfect for automatic core training. 

  1. Convenient Standing:

Maybe you have decided to stand while working, or maybe your workplace has made it mandatory for everyone to be on their legs even in the office. Whatever the case is, you can have some hard time adjusting to this new routine. Since you are not really used to standing for long hours, your feet will start complaining after a few hours.

However, if you are using the standing desk mat, then its cushiony surface and meticulously designed structure will provide your ankle joints and fee with the support they need for long term standing. 


  1. Reduces Obesity Risk:

Some studies published on the internet have linked sitting for long periods with obesity. The comparison was made between the office and agriculture workers, where it was stated that by sitting, office workers might burn 1000 calories less than farmers. 

And the lesser calories someone burns, the more risk of obesity they have, which can happen over the period of several years of prolonged daily sitting at the office. The standing desk mat eliminates this issue by allowing users to stand and even move a little bit during work, which results in calorie burn. 

  1. No More Back Pain: 

As stated by Spine-Health; sitting for a prolonged period can worsen your lower back pain because of the pressure it puts on discs. Now an average office worker sits around 6-8 hours in the office, and then there is sitting at home. 

So if you too sit for long periods of time, your spine might soon start giving you trouble. But if you slash your sitting time into half by standing for 6-8 hours at work, you will help your spine get back to its natural position and become healthy over time. 

  1. Reduces Diabetes Risk: 

According to Diabetes.Org.Uk; sitting for long periods can cause metabolic changes and also affect insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes.  And if you don’t know, diabetes is a life-long disease which especially gets challenging and even painful as you age. 

So why take the risk just for the sake of sitting for few extra hours daily? You can easily replace this habit by standing and achieve a healthier work-life balance. 

  1. Lowers Heart Disease Risks: 

As stated by WebMD; sitting for long periods can raise your risk of stroke, high blood pressure, and other heart diseases. This is obviously not worth the risk because heart conditions, even if treated, cause life-long problems. 

A standing desk mat allows your blood to easily flow through the body, which puts less strain on the heart and significantly increases its performance and health.


Standing desk mats can help bolster productivity

  1. Higher Productivity: 

In light of everything we discussed above, it is safe to say that standing for long hours definitely puts a positive impact on your whole body. So if your body and mind are healthy, you will be able to give better output than those who chose to sit.

Both the standing desks and standing desk mats are made just to help you stay healthy and active, crush it at work, and climb the ranks quicker.  

Parting Words:

Sitting is not a bad thing; it relaxes the body and allows you to enjoy Netflix. However, if you sit for long periods of time like 6-8 hours in the office and then 5-6 hours at home, then your half day is spent like this, which can severely impact your health over time.

So if you want to be safe, healthy, and active, we suggest that you get yourself a standing desk mat. You can go through our list of Top Standing Desk Mats Under $50 or Top Standing Desk Mats for 2020 to find yourself the perfect one.