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Why I switched to a Standing Desk

Days of sitting down in the office for long hours at a time can lead to the development of chronic problems such as back pain, joint pain, and other conditions. In fact, various medical studies have shown that the longer the hours you spend in your chair, the higher your risk for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cancer. These studies led to the diagnosis of ‘sitting disease,’ a condition that you cannot improve even [...]

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I switched to a Standing Desk and why you should too

I used to spend hours in the office, just sitting in front of computer engrossed in my work. The fact that I love my job and could easily become lost in it also contributed to the long hours in front of the computer that often went unnoticed. This continued until I started to feel a heaviness in my lower legs. A visit to the doctor revealed that there was poor circulation to my legs caused [...]

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Do You Really Need A Sitting Desk?

Not many people realize this but sitting at your desk to do eight hours of work is probably the most dangerous thing for your health. A study published in the American Epidemiology has stated a very interesting fact. According to them, an average person can actually increase his or her lifespan by decreasing the amount of time they spend sitting at their desk. You might be working out every day and you might have revamped [...]

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Why I Swapped My Old Desk For A Standing Desk

Sedentary Lifestyle If you are anything like me, a typical workday for you would consist of sitting in traffic for 30 to 40 minutes, and then sitting at a computer through an eight, sometimes nine, hour shift before taking that same drive home. That is a lot of sitting. Recently I became concerned about this when I went to see my doctor and was told exactly how much weight I had put on since my [...]

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How I Switched From A Sitting Desk To A Standing Desk

Being an office employee, I would spend hours just sitting on my chair as I drafted reports day in and day out. Before long I was feeling back and neck pains that would just not go away. This confused me at first, since I exercised regularly and was a big fan of healthy living. This led me to read about what was causing these problems and I realized that sitting down for more than 8 [...]

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