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The Next Generation Gel-Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats, Rubberized Gel Foam, new thicker, new edges. 20" Wide By 36" Long. Reduce the Standing Pressure on Back, Leg and Foot for Increase Kitchen Comfort

A great mat that reduces tripping due to its 30 degree edges.

If you are looking for a comfortable floor mat to use as a standing desk mat, the Next Generation has a great gel mat that is perfect for relieving tired aching feet. This mat measures a generous 20 inches x 36 inches and is a cushiony ¾ inches thick for the best relief possible. This is an excellent size for those who want a comfortable mat to use in front of their standing desk; however, whether you stand at your desk or spend hours working in the kitchen or at some other work station, having a gel filled mat can help relieve back pressure, while stimulating circulation in the legs and feet.

Anyone who switches over to spending long periods of time on their feet will certainly appreciate an anti-fatigue mat. Standing can quickly lead to sore muscles, but with the right mat it is possible to alleviate aching legs and feet, as well as and sore back muscles. In fact, even people who are typically in desk positions have found that working at a standing desk can improve their health; however, standing can also have its drawbacks. Fortunately, it is now possible to reap the rewards of standing without having to endure sore feet, legs and back muscles. There has been a lot of research in recent years and spending too many hours sitting at a desk can have very negative health consequences, fortunately, Next Generation now offers an ideal solution.

The Next Generation offers a great office mat to reduce fatigue while also providing a comfortable mat that is less prone to tripping. Many of the anti-fatigue mats on the market have bulky edges that make them far too easy to trip over, but with the Next Generation anti-fatigue gel mat, the contoured edges help improve its safety and eliminate tripping hazards. If you are looking for a standing desk mat for your new setup, this Next Generation gel mat is certainly one worth considering.

-Lisa S

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