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Airug Anti Fatigue Floor Mat - 5ft. x 3ft. Dim.


We wanted a standing desk mat for our home office that was washable but had a firm underlying anti-friction or anti-slip coating on the other side. Most rugs promised that they were anti-slip but they don’t really work. We tried three different mats from the local store. One was a bright bathroom mat in colorful prints. This was really thick and cushiony with great cotton batting on the top and it could easily be used as an anti-fatigue mat as other side was a thick black coating.

This standing desk mat was made closed-cell PVC sponge and ribbing which provides excellent leg and back support while standing on it. It was available in a range of neutral colors that could fit into any interior. The undersurface of the mat was also provided with anti-slip coatings and it was more than 3/8th of an inch in thickness. We really liked it as it could be used as an office mat and in high stress areas as well.

Durability, Safety and Warranty
The thick PVC coating of the Airug Anti-fatigue Floor Mat made it very durable and resistant to tearing. The anti-slip coating meant that it wouldn’t shift about as my children raced about the house. We thought about using the mat under the furniture and the salesman assured that the closed cell PVC material would be able to take the load without deforming. The mat was also covered with a 12 month warranty. No other mat in the store was covered with a warranty and this was really impressive.

It’s priced at about $29.99 and good quality for money.

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