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Genuine joe anti fatigue mat

When my entire office switched to stand-up desks, I knew I was going to have a problem. Although I wouldn’t say I have a bad back, exactly, my lumbar region isn’t what it used to be. Standing in one spot for a long period of time can be a problem, especially with a hard, tile floor underneath my feet. I bought this mat to use as a standing desk mat in hopes of avoiding excruciating back pain the end of the day. Right away, it seemed like it might do the trick. It fit perfectly inside my little cubicle area at work and didn’t draw too much attention to itself. I suppose that if I had a flashier sense of style, I might wish for a greater variety of colors. As it is, the subtle charcoal was just right for me.

But does this so-called anti-fatigue mat really work? In a word, yes. When I first stepped on board, I could tell that it would make at least a modest difference. The soft cushioning gave support to by feet and back. Although it was thick enough to feel the difference instantly, I was never worried about losing my balance or sinking into the cushion. The only think I can compare it to is a good, firm mattress, providing softness and support at the same time.

Although not as fancy as some of the expensive gel mats I sampled at a local office emporium, this office mat more than did the trick. What started out as simple comfort became long-lasting support throughout the day. As an additional bonus, it even insulates against the cold in the winter. While the tile floor of my office tends to hold in a bone-chilling cold that can be felt clear through the shoes, this mat provides an excellent, insulated barrier. All things considered, I could not ask for a better standing desk mat and would happily recommend it to all who are in the same situation as I was.

-Brian P


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