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Rubber-Cal Bubble-Top Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

A great, reasonably priced mat.

If you like using your computer standing up at your desk, then the Rubber-Cal Bubble-Top Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat is an excellent standing desk mat for you. This office mat is great for relieving the typical aches and pains that would be experienced by standing on a hard floor for even a relatively short time. I like this product for its comfort that lasts for hours. A downside is that you will want to wear shoes while standing on it, because after awhile of being barefoot on the mat you will start to feel some discomfort. If you are just standing on it for a few minutes without shoes, it feels as though you are receiving a foot massage.

Something that was particularly attractive for me about this anti-fatigue mat, is that it is crafted out of natural rubber. For someone like me, who is very ecologically conscious, the fact that it is not synthetic is a huge plus. You can use this mat nearly anywhere in your home. Sometimes I use mine while standing in the kitchen, because it will hurt to stand for long periods of time while preparing food and cooking. It is also very durable, as I have dropped a few items and they did not even get scratched. You can easily move this mat, making it extremely easy to be cleaned and transported to another room for various uses.

The Rubber-Cal Bubble-Top Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat is made in a number of different colors. You can choose from a black, brown, blue, red, or yellow border on a black mat. Since the border is somewhat difficult to clean, you may want to choose a dark color border for the mat. Consider buying one or more anti-fatigue mats for your standing desk. I certainly am glad that I did.

-Pam P.

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