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Standing on hard surfaces for long hours can take a toll on your body, especially the knees and the back. People who have to stand continuously for a few hours are more prone to back pain and joint disorders. The Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue Nantucket Series Comfort Mat has been designed to provide an easy solution to these problems. This anti-fatigue mat supports the knees and the back and reduces the level of fatigue.

This standing desk mat is made of a pliable material which conforms to the shape of your feet. By doing so, it increases the blood flow in the area, thus reducing the development of pressure. At the same time, it also acts as a cushion, providing a strong support system for the entire body. Studies have shown that the Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue mat reduces overall fatigue by 56% and lower leg fatigue by 63%. Additionally, it also reduces the occurrence of back pain by 53%.

More often than not, you don’t even realize the number of hours you spend in an upright position every day. You might be cooking in the kitchen or ironing your clothes or giving presentations in your office. During all these activities, your body is put under a lot of pressure, the majority of which is shared by your feet and knees. As opposed to popular belief, standing isn’t a passive activity since the body has to balance your weight on the knees even while you are stationary. Therefore, when you stand for long hours, your body has to withstand quite a lot of discomfort.

The anti-fatigue mat could be your one step solution to all such problems. You can use it just about anywhere, as an office mat or a kitchen mat. Not only is it beneficial health-wise, it is also ecologically viable. Other mats are usually made of a compound called PVC which releases several toxic emissions. On the other hand, the Sublime standing desk mat is made using the patented eco9 technology, as a result of which, it is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. To sum things up, this anti-fatigue mat is the ideal way to ensure the physical well-being of your body. You can’t really reduce the amount of time you spend standing, but you can make it more comfortable by using the Sublime Imprint mat.

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