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Wearwell PVC 420 SpongeCote Tile-Top Anti-Microbial Mat, Safety Beveled Edges, for Dry Areas, Charcoal

This is an industrial strength mat used in the labs where they cure cancer. It should do the trick.

Many people know that spending hours each day sitting at a desk is not good for their health. In fact, there have been many studies conducted and research continues to show that there are serious health consequences for individuals who sit for hours each day. Fortunately, the use of standing desks can help even dedicated office workers improve their health by allowing them to work while standing; however, in order to relieve the stress of being on your feet for many hours, a good standing desk mat is necessary. Fortunately, there are several models now available, but the Wearwell PVC 420 is probably one of the most popular.

This anti-fatigue mat is designed for use in dry areas, such as in an office environment. It has beveled edges for safety and comes with an attractive tile top. This standing desk mat is available in many different sizes, so it is perfect regardless of how much floor coverage you need. There are certainly many other anti-fatigue mats on the market; however, many of them, such as the Genuine Joe Flex Step mat, are very institutional looking. When you want something that is not only comfortable, but also attractive, it is hard to find an office mat that beats the Wearwell 420.

Other office mats, such as the Bubble Top Rubber anti fatigue mat, are only available in limited sizes. For example, the Bubble Top Rubber mat is available in a 2 ft x 3 ft mat, which is typically not large enough for someone who wants to be able to stand at their desk. After all, the reason why you want to stand is to relieve the distress caused by sitting for hours on end; however, standing in one position without being able to move around is not much better. Preferably, you will have a standing desk mat that is large enough to allow you to move about a little, and even do some simple stretches, without constantly coming off the edge of the mat.

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