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WellnessMats 36-Inch by 24-Inch Original Mat, Smooth, Brown

A premium anti-fatigue mat that works well for the office.

The WellnessMats standing desk mat works wonders if you are someone who has suffered injuries to the back, stand for extended periods of time or fatigue easily. Several mats on the market provide some relief, but the WellnessMats anti-fatigue mat is versatile and fits nicely into the decor of almost any home or office.

The WellnessMats standing desk mat works well for people who have sustained back injuries, suffer from arthritis or can’t stand for long periods without experiencing pain. The product offers a solution for office workers who wear uncomfortable shoes, such as high heels, for long periods. It also works well at conventions or in a culinary capacity when standing for long periods on concrete floors. This mat works wonders for your feet and legs by providing a comfortable surface on which to stand.

People who stand for long periods can rest assured, this mat certainly lives up to its promise. The construction of the mat provides an anti-slip backing and safety features, such as anti-curling edges. This product works well in industrial settings, as an office mat or in your laundry room. If you have a wood shop in your garage, standing while sawing and constructing your crafts can lead to leg fatigue. The WellnessMats product can be used in almost any application.

The mat is approximately 3 feet by 2 feet and weighs about 7 pounds. The things I like most about the product are the size, color and comfort. The size of the mat provides substantial space if you are in the kitchen, at a copy machine or doing your laundry. The color combines nicely with a neutral palette and does not intrude with brighter colors. The comfort is unsurpassed by any other mats I have tried.

You can easily care for the mat by simply wiping it clean. In addition, the mat comes in several sizes to accommodate residential or industrial settings. For example, you can purchase the six-foot mat if you want to use it in front of a standalone washer and dryer. This mat provides the comfort required to get through long periods of standing.

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