Ergohead Office Standing Desk Balance Board Wooden Review


Spending for hours at a single place can never be considered easy (though it sounds that way). It may cause a lot of problems related to fatigue in back and foot. But this problem has been resolved by this standing desk balance board. These standing desk alternatives are mainly required for taking a short break from continuous Standing. Besides, sitting for hours on a sturdy chair can cause foot pain, but now all the distress is resolved by this mat. It is worth recommended. Standing on a hard floor can be inconvenient for the individuals, but the excellent qualities of this mat have now resolved all the problems. It has been observed that people using this mat suffer less from fatigue in back and foot. So making a rapid transition from continuous Standing on standing desk mat alternatives like balance or wobble boards can help a lot. Thus including standing desk mats or alternatives to your office accessories can help a lot and provide good working experience.

Features You Must Know About

This anti-fatigue mat alternative is mainly designed for persons who are working in small places or running short on space. With ultimate high quality, it is proving a comfortable experience to its users. It is one of the best options for users who are looking for a cushioning effect while finding standing desk mats. It can be the best solution for the individual who is looking for curing the fatigue problems in back and foot.

It is available with a bunch of features; it is the best choice for office workers. With a sufficient space of about 26 to 28 inches, it provides a large room for comfortable movement and changing postures. It’s soft and sturdy surface allows low and impact movements thus cushioning your muscles from the core. Besides maintaining positions, it also helps in treating muscle and joint motility along with blood circulation.

It is made up of 100% polyurethane foam. The surface of the foam is soft and smooth enough to clean easily. Moreover, the compact material of the base is waterproof. Thus, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Some of the additional features are given.

  • It is made up of environmentally friendly material called latex.
  • The surface is made up of anti-scratch rubber.
  • The whole surface is covered with massage points. It helps in relaxing the pain in the foot.
  • Provides a natural healthy way to stand while working.
  • It comes with integral skin that is resistant to peeling.
  • It provided comfort in shoes and also in Barefoot.


  • High-quality construction.
  • Ample space for Standing.
  • Comfy squishy top
  • Wobble motion is satisfying and not too challenging
  • Available with 30 days warranty


  • Uncomfortable barefoot
  • May be slippery and need additional protection underneath on wooden floors

Is It Recommendable?

With all the modern features, it is one of the best choices when choosing for standing desk alternatives, although there are specific problems while using this board, all those can be resolved. So if you are looking for standing desk wobble board, this one by Ergohead is a great choice.

Buy one on Amazon
Buy one on Amazon