Genius Mat by Sky Mats – Standing Desk Anti Fatigue Mat Review


Genius Mat by Sky Mats – Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat – Ergonomic Surface, Office Desk Accessories

If you are doing a job where you have to sit for hours, then it may be tiring and uncomfortable feeling for you. Sitting on a sturdy chair for hours is not easy. Then there is a fantastic option for standing WITH anti-fatigue desk mats. They have enabled us to stand for hours without any pain in the back and feet. One of these mats is this Genius Mat, which will provide you endless comfort while standing. This standing desk mat is the best item you will ever get, which will reduce your fatigue and foot pain for sure. Most of the anti-fatigue desk mats are available in different sizes, providing a lot of comfort to their users.

Working from home is a big deal these days, but people who are doing it in makeshift offices. Those doing so continuously now suffer from severe pains in the back and foot. Upgrade your home space with this standing desk mat that has enabled many of its users to work from him while standing for hours without getting any pain in the back. This Genius Anti-Fatigue Mat has solved all the queries about fatigue in back and foot.

Features You Must Know About

With a perfectly square shape, this map has many raised bumps and ridges on it, thus providing a complete package for comfort and ease. Moreover, the material and the surface is too soft that it doesn’t bring any pain in your feet even after standing for hours. It has an alternative cushioning system that helps to stand for hours without any stress and difficulty. The grip is too stable that you can move freely all over the surface, thus maintain the posture in the best way. It has a ball-like structure in the middle that helps to allow the movements of your leg in every direction without drawing your attention from your work.
The large surface of this mat is enough for Standing for hours continuously by moving from one place to another. It works well on all kinds of surfaces and in all kinds of spaces. Some other features are given below.

Able to allow work in different directions.

It helps to adjust your posture easily.

Has a rolling bag in the middle for massaging your foot.

Help a lot to reduce pain and fatigue effectively.

Designed according to the needs of everyone.


  • It is effortless to clean
  • Have a supportive and firm surface.
  • It can help to take away the stress by massaging your foot.
  • Varied standing positions compared to other


  • Some positions are awkward
  • Not a ton of cushion
  • A bit on the expensive side

Is It Recommendable?

Besides some of the flaws, it is one of the highly recommended options in the market. It is specially designed for treating back and get pain. So if you want to get rid of such problems too, try this anti fatigue mat for sure!

Buy one on Amazon
Buy one on Amazon