NewLife by GelPro Review


Are you working at a desk all day? If yes, you should consider having an anti-fatigue mat. Anti-fatigue and comfort mats are perfect for people who suffer from the lower back, neck and, foot pain. This mat is used to help alleviate stress due to standing for hours. It is no wonder that you also need an ergonomic standing desk mat due to the rising demand for ergonomic desks in the workplace. It also helps elders and impaired individuals move around the house, and they can stand on hard floors with comfort. Keeping the importance in mind, we have brought the best and professional-grade anti-fatigue kitchen & office comfort mat for you by GelPro. Constructed with eco-friendly Bio-Foam, these NewLife anti-fatigue mats are famous for standing up against stringent demands of heavy household traffic. Delivering strong support and deep-cushioned comfort, using this anti-fatigue mat can be a classy and most comfortable experience for anyone!

Features You Must Know About

NewLife by GelPro Professional Grade Anti-Fatigue Kitchen & Office Comfort Mat is the first of these comfort mats that are not only medical devices but are like an attractive accessory for the home. Ranging from different designs and stone effects, there is a wide variety of designs available for NewLife by GelPro. The design of this mat also benefits from beveled edges as they should never curl, thus, making it a little safer. Its design is one of the reasons why there is a greater interest by carers and relatives ordering this for their older relatives. 

This foam floor mat has excellent flexibility and pushback memory that restores strength and relieve tiredness and discomfort caused by standing. Thick molded energy-return foam standing desk mat makes sure to never bottoms out or misses its bounces. This mat is made up of a professional-grade polyurethane and is completely stain and puncture-resistant. Therefore, it is extremely easy to clean and is ideal for any type of environment! The fantastic thing is that it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a must-have for everyone! Some of the main features of these include

  • 3/4″ Thick commercial grade energy-return 
  • Integral skin construction
  • Heavy-duty and high-density
  • Offers maximum comfort and support
  • Durable brushed textured surface 
  • Stain and Puncture-resistant
  • Safe, non-toxic and contains no plasticizers
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect choice for high-traffic areas


  • Amazing Fun Design
  • Long and Thin Shape
  • Anti-curl Edges 
  • Reasonable Prices
  • 10-Year Warranty


  • It has a lack of grip underneath
  • Misconceptions of the material used

Is It Recommendable?

With the underside of this product, there is room for improvement. But, still, it is a fact that designers have put a lot of effort into the surface of the mat and have made the perfect standing desk mats. With its fun design, wider length and thicker foam, it is an attractive and practical option for many homes.


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Buy one on Amazon