Many people suffer from foot pain and back pain and have trouble standing on their feet for even a short period of time. Some people simply experience aches and pains from working or gardening while others are recovering from sports or accident related injuries. Anyone who experiences pain while standing should try out a standing desk mat that is designed to take pressure off muscles and joints allowing people to stand comfortably for a longer amount of time.

Anti-Fatigue mats reduce pain and discomfort

A stand up desk mat can reduce the discomfort of workers who have to spend the majority of their day standing at a desk dealing with customers. Customer service representatives or people who work at the post office can reduce foot, leg and back strain by using an anti-fatigue mat while standing at desk. People who need a stand up mat to reduce pain have plenty of options available to them. Obviously, choosing a comfortable standing desk mat is not the most important decision that a person will ever have to make, but any shopper who cares about value should be aware of the pros and cons of the different types of mats on the market.

Genuine Joe Air Step Anti-Fatigue Mats

Genuine Joe Air Step Standing Desk Mat – $15.18

Genuine Joe Air Step Mats are practical and ultra comfortable. Its the perfect mat to start off with if you’re not sure a standing desk is for you. Since this mat retails for around $29 but Amazon shoppers can find them for as low as $15.18, it might make sense if you’re just trying out a standing desk and not sure if its for you yet. This really is an amazing deal for such a durable product, although it does not offer the comfort of some of the higher end standing desk mats. But, if you have back, knee or foot pain you can minimize discomfort by standing on the mat rather than on your hardwood or tile floor. It is only available in charcoal gray, so you may want to look elsewhere if aesthetics are your thing.

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Genuine Joe Flex Step Standing Desk Mat – $34.00

The Flex Step Mat offers the same amount of comfort as the air step anti-fatigue mat but it is designed with safety in mind. The mat includes beveled edges to reduce the risk of tripping, a great feature if you’re walking to and from your standing desk all day. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) has approved this mat design, which seems like a good thing. The mat is made from recycled rubber (green office win!) and although it is practical, it is not as stylish as other anti-fatigue mats on the market. The Genuine Joe Flex Step Anti-Fatigue Mat retails for around $34 on Amazon.

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Airug Anti-fatigue Standup Desk Mat – $29.99

People who do not have a lot of money to spend on a comfortable standing desk mat will appreciate the affordability of the Airug Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat. The Airug standing desk mat is a great choice for office workers because it is resilient and slip resistant. The mat is a perfect addition to your standing desk setup that will provide all of the benefits of other mats for a reduced price. The mat does have an industrial look to it and is only available in the color black. The Airug Anti-Fatigue Floor mat is available online for $29.99.

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Lets Gel Inc GelPro Designer Comfort Anti Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat
Lets Gel Inc GelPro Designer Comfort Standup Desk Mat – $39.95

The Lets Gel Inc GelPro Standing Desk Mat is made with high-density ergo-foam, which provides outstanding support and comfort. The stylish mat is available in seven colors including caramel, pomegranate, pearl, mango and palm. You can choose the GelPro mat that matches your décor. The mat is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage or home office. This mat is stain-resistant and has a high traction bottom and retails for $39.95.

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Selecting the Right Stand Up Mat

All of the anti-fatigue mats received positive customer reviews but the Lets Gel Inc Gel Pro Designer Mat is a top choice among consumers who want a tasteful mat that reduces foot, knee and back pain. People who are looking for a basic mat for standing desk use will likely be happy with the inexpensive Genuine Joe Air Step Anti-Fatigue Mat but those who want a stylish mat for their office should consider paying more for the Lets Gel Inc Designer Comfort mat.