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Mid-range standing desk mat roundup

If you are tired of watching your backside expand because you spend hours sitting at a desk, a standing desk may help you win the battle of the bulge. Study after study shows that sitting for extended periods of time leads to weight gain, muscle loss, poor circulation and other health and well being problems. While you may never be able to completely remove yourself from the desk, a stand up desk can help you reclaim your health, figure and vitality all while allowing you to complete your work comfortably and ergonomically.

Designed to make working while standing easy, comfortable and natural, standing desks are often recommended by doctors and physical therapists to patients with lower back pain, sciatica, poor circulation and other health issues. Additionally, by incorporating an anti fatigue mat under your standing desk, you can increase the health benefits you reap from working while standing and will give your feet, knees and joints the cushioning they deserve. When selecting a standing desk mat, you may be surprised at the myriad of options available and a little research before hand can help make the shopping process easier.

GelPro Basketweave Comfort Floor Standing Desk Mat

The GelPro Basketweave Comfort Standing Desk Mat — $99.95

The GelPro Basketweave Comfort Floor Standing desk mat is a stylish, cushioned stand up desk mat that will keep you comfortable and chic while you work. With a wide color selection range, you can chose a standing desk mat from the GelPro Basketweave line that will compliment your decor perfectly. The attractive basket weave pattern makes this mat as lovely as any area rug while providing cushioning and anti fatigue benefits. Easy to clean with a mild soap and water solution, this non slip mat will look great for years. Available in two sizes and many colors, you can find a GelPro Basketweave Comfort mat that will help you make your standing desk comfortable while keeping your work area polished, professional looking and stylish.

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Bubble-Top Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

Rubber-Cal Bubble Top Rubber Anti Fatigue Standing desk mat — $35.99

For eco friendly anti fatigue benefits and a stylish look, select a Rubber-Cal Bubble Top Rubber Anti Fatigue stand up desk mat. Using this mat for standing desk comfort and cushion is a smart, green friendly choice that is attractive and extremely durable. Made from eco friendly natural rubber, these mats provide a thick fourteen millimeters of cushion and comfort. With a large selection of brightly colored borders to chose from to help add style while preventing trip hazards, these mats are durable and easy to maintain and clean. Simply wipe with a mild soap and water solution to clean and your Rubber-Cal Bubble Top Rubber Anti Fatigue mat will look great for years. With an advanced bubble cell design, air is trapped in the mat providing cushioning that will make it feel as though you are standing on air as you work at your stand up desk making each and every work day comfortable, productive and beneficial to your health.

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Sublime Imprint Anti-Fatigue Nantucket Series Comfort Standing Desk Mat

Sublime Imprint Anti Fatigue Nantucket stand-up desk mat — $44.07

The Sublime Imprint Anti Fatigue Nantucket stand-up desk mat provides elegance, durability and comfort while you work. With a seven year warranty and a selection of sizes available, this mat reduces fatigue by up to fifty percent when compared to standing on a hard surface and can help make you r work day more comfortable and far less taxing on your knees, hips and joints. Available in four fashionable colors, this mat makes a perfect addition to your standing desk area.

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While selecting an anti fatigue mat is not the most crucial decision in the world, it can make a big difference in the comfort, polish, and ergonomics of your work day. Choose one of these mats to add to your stand up desk and reap health benefits like improved posture, weight loss and decreased joint pain.

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