Are you tired of sitting all day long? Maybe your back hurts like the dickens by the time you reach the end of the workday? But are you too afraid to switch to a standing desk for fear of foot hurt.

Well, then why not try out the standing desk mats? These things are a godsend for hard workers and go-getters who want to fully fixate on their work, save their back and posture all while putting minimal stress on their legs and feet. 

If you don’t know where to start, then don’t fret; we’ve already covered that bit for you! Just go through this post, learn about the different mats we have suggested, and by the time you reach this guide’s end, you will be ready to order your own standing desk mat. That being said, let’s start:

Types of Standing Mats:

People usually don’t really pay attention to the fact that there are not one, not two, but three types of standing desk mats. With different terrains and designs, your comfort level and standing duration can change significantly. So to help you get a pretty good idea, we have discussed the types and their uses below:

  • Flat Standing: As the name suggests, this one has a flat, smooth surface without any bumps or mounds. It is the simplest form of standing mats and is ideal if you just need something to stand on instead of the firm floor. Due to its simple make, it usually costs less.
  • Non-Flat Standing: It’s a step up from its simple counterpart. The Non-flat mat is not entirely flat, as the name suggests. There will be several mounds, ridges, and bumps carefully placed around the mat for comfortable standing positions and leg stretching. Many people prefer to use this one if they like to be active while standing or have a habit of moving their legs while standing. 
  • Active Standing: This one is the most advanced mat of all and is rich in features for the health of legs, promotion of blood flow, and relaxation of feet. These types of mats come with something extra than the usual ridges and bumps of the non-flat mat, like a groove in the middle that has a massage ball in it. Users can actively massage their feet as well as a stretch when needed for a comfortable standing position.
  • Mat alternatives: Wobble boards, balance boards, foam rollers, whoah! All sorts of new and exciting products are being designed to help standing.

Now that you know the different kinds of mats and what to expect out of each of them, you are ready to dive into our list of best desk mats of 2020 and find your perfect working partner.

Best Standing Desk Mats of 2020 – Our Top 5 Picks:

1. Ergodriven Topo Comfort Mat (read full review here)

Topo Comfort mat enables you to give your leg muscles a good stretch every time you stand on it. The meticulously calculated design of this anti-fatigue mat contains both smooth surfaces as well as contours that allow natural movement while improving blood circulation.  According to its manufacturers, the mat is a playground for your feet, and if you try it, you’ll definitely agree. 

Standing can be pretty hectic, especially if you are doing it on the job where you need your mind to focus on different tasks at once. Using this mat will alleviate pressure from your spine, allowing you to relax while you stand. Some of its pros and cons are:

The Good:

  • Available in 4 cool colors
  • Meticulously planned terrain encourages active standing
  • Specially designed for your feet’s health
  • Easy one-foot reposition
  • 7-year manufacturer’s warranty

The Not So Good:

  • Some complaints of smell in the early days of using it

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Kagaroo Standing Desk Mat

2. Kangaroo Original Mat (read full review here)

If you want to stand tall without having to constantly adjust your feet for some moment of relaxation, then Kangaroo Mat is your perfect working partner. It boasts a very thick cushion that will give off the feeling of standing on a soft cloud. Plus, if you stand for long hours on a daily basis, then you need a mat with excellent durability, and the materials used in it make Kangaroo one tough standing mat.

One of the best parts of getting Kangaroo is the phthalate-free and non-toxic materials making it safe to use in both office and kitchen. Furthermore, it comes with beveled edges that help you avoid slipping away on the floor and immediately adjust your feet position. Let’s see some specifics of the mat:

The Good:

  • Comes in 16 stylish colors
  • ¾” extra thick foam
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Waterproof properties make cleaning a breeze
  • 10-year guarantee

The Not So Good:

  • Not slip resistant

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Fezibo Standing Desk Mat Alternative

3. FEZIBO Wooden Wobble Balance Board (Standing desk mat alternative)

The unique balance board type design of this one will allow you to rock and roll while working. The ergonomically engineered mat relieves pressure on your spine and joints and truly help with your core strength. The absolute fan-favorite part about this mat is its ability to tilt to the side you apply pressure to, which helps you promote healthy feet movement while having some fun balancing yourself. 

The mat is also very useful in winters because standing on its non-flat terrain will naturally make your feet warm and help with blood circulation. The unique texture of the top layer also massages the pressure point on your feet and relaxes your tense nerves. Let’s check out the benefits and drawbacks:

The Good:

  • 8.5° tilt keeps the legs, spine, and core active
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • The balance-board design works in the gym too
  • Can withstand up to 320lbs of weight
  • 2-year warranty

The Not So Good:

  • Reports of chemical-y smell early on

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Sky Mat Standing Desk Mat

4. Sky Mat’s Genius Mat:

After a lot of research on standing patterns and the best type of surface for long term standing, the brains behind Sky Mat came up with this design. The main highlight of this mat is that it is specifically designed to promote a natural standing position, especially in a working environment. The supporting and firm surface, coupled with tilted terrain, gives your feet a much-needed comfort when standing for long hours.

The mat also boasts a rolling ball in the middle that you can use to massage your feet and get a soothing, calm feel in your muscles while improving blood flow. The gist is, this mat is designed to encourage natural standing position while ensuring your feet don’t suffer from being in one place for hours.  

The Good:

  • Designed for people who are on their feet all-day
  • The right balance of firm and soft feels great
  • Designed to massage your feet and promote blood flow
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant
  • Spacious design offers room for movement

The Not So Good:

  • Doesn’t have a non-slip bottom

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Standing Desk Mat by TerraMat

5. Standing Desk Mat by TerraMat:

The mat was first available on a Kickstarter campaign where TerraMat simply killed-it by raising $100,000+ in funding. It has thicker material than an average mat and is designed after an engineer and personal trainer put their heads together to come up with something outstanding. The 3-D terrain of the mat offers 11 different standing positions so you can actually burn some calories while you work. 

The patent-pending anti-fatigue design of the mat features four different terrains; flat surface, curved front, the slope on the back, and feet massage mounds on the sides. All of these elements come together nicely when it comes to promoting feet health, smooth blood flow, and core strength. Some of its features and drawbacks include:

The Good:

  • Available in two colors and two sizes
  • Designed by industry experts
  • Phthalate-free and antibacterial properties
  • Shock absorbent properties for greater durability
  • Lifetime guarantee with a full refund.

The Not So Good:

  • Some concerns over durability in the long run
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Do I Really Need a Standing Mat?

The question that comes into the minds of everyone dipping their toe into the sea of standing mats is, do I really need one? Let me tell you one thing if you are on this page, and if you’ve read this guide till now, then yes, you need one! You are obviously in need of something that can support your feet and overall body why you spend hours working in front of a standing desk or kitchen counter.

Yes, it is not necessary for you to get a mat, people stand and work without them too. But I am sure you don’t think it’s worth the pain, right? So why not get one and instantly feel the comfort under your feet? Some of the mats even have certain features like massage balls and raised terrain that take your whole standing-at-work experience up a notch. So we suggest that you try one out and see how it helps. 

Parting Words:

There are tons of benefits for standing mats beside the added support and comfort; read them here (link to the article on its benefits)! Whether you are a housewife who is dedicated to working in the kitchen or an office worker trying to concentrate on work without feeling discomfort in feet, this mat is for you. 

So we suggest that you take your time, study the different mats we have recommended above and pick the one that meets your specific needs. Let us know which one you get in the comments below.