Do you constantly squirm in your seat while working because of excruciating back pain? Or maybe you don’t feel the energy you once used to have? Well, all of that is connected to sitting for long hours, and standing desk mat can solve these issues. Don’t believe me? Read this guide completely, and you will! 

I will not only talk about the importance of a stand-up desk mat but will also suggest the cream of the crop in under $50, so you can start working standing at work from tomorrow. That being said, let’s dive right into where the action is: 

The Importance of Standing Desk Mats:

Several studies have revealed that long hours spent in a sitting position can damage various parts of the body, including the spine. And since work is the most time-consuming activity that makes people sit for prolonged periods, it is imperative that you also pay attention to your health. 

So to protect you from the adverse effects of sitting for long periods, stand up desk mats come into the equation. Let’s see some key reasons why you need them:

  • Reduce Obesity Risk: When you use a standing desk mat, you burn more calories than you take in a day. This not only reduces obesity and diabetes risks but also help you shed some weight. 
  • Lessen Back Pain: Though back pain is a common issue associated with aging, you can still avoid the pain that stems from sitting for long periods. The pressure on the spine and poor posture while sitting results in unbearable back pain, but thanks to the standing mats, you won’t have to deal with it anymore.
  • Better Productivity: Studies conducted in ‘Take a Stand project‘ showed that 87% of the participants who stood while working felt more energized and comfortable.
  • Lower Heart Disease Risk: Sitting for long hours leads to an inactive lifestyle, which in turn puts stress on the heart because you aren’t moving very much. This makes the heart put more effort into circulating the blood. Standing mats allow you to have a better flow of blood and, as a result, reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Now that we are clear about the miraculous benefits of standing at work let’s check out some of the best stand up desk mats below.

Stand Up Desk Mats – Our Top 5 Picks:

  1. Floor Mat by Sky Mats

If you need a standing desk mat that boasts a balance of features and price, then look no further than the Sky Floor Mat. The high-quality mat is made with thick foam allowing you to stand on it for hours without caving in. It also doesn’t roll, curve or move, which means it will perfectly stand strong where you put it – something restless standers really need!

 Furthermore, it is resistant to water and most of the fluids, so if you are sipping pina colada while on a conference call with the boss, don’t fret if you spill some. The main feature of the mat is its pressure relieving properties that reduce spinal pain and promote healthy posture. Let’s look at some features and drawbacks:

The Good:

  • Beveled edges and non-slip bottom prevent slips
  • Made using the highest standard of materials 
  • Made using eco-friendly materials 
  • No off-gassing, unbox and use right away
  • Futuristic style and a range of colors 

The Not So Good:

  • Color can start to come off after some time

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  1. Sunflower Comfort Mat

The ergonomically designed mat ensures you have maximum comfort while standing at work! The Sunflower comfort mat has a polyurethane construction, which means cleaning is a breeze. Plus, its 3D terrain with different raised and smooth surfaces allow you to stand in different positions for more relaxing working experience. 

The massage dots on the back help you have a comfortable feeling in your feet when you stand for too long, which is a nice addition – now you can enjoy a foot massage at work! The mat is best for long term standing, but we suggest you be careful when wearing heels as its bumpy surface can make you slip.

The Good:

  • Different types of surfaces for several standing positions
  • All the dirt and debris can come off with a single wipe
  • Rubber at the bottom prevents slippage
  • Made with durable and non-toxic polyurethane material 
  • Features memory foam for heel support

The Not So Good:

  • Some Complaints regarding less cushion

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  1. Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat from Amazon Basics Premium

If you need something simple yet highly effective at serving its purpose, then you should explore the stand-up desk mat by Amazon Basics. It has a nearly smooth surface with layers of the foam, allowing your feet to feel relaxed while you do your work. The mat has non-curling edges, which means it will not budge even if you move a lot. 

The simple yet immaculate design of the mat helps in standing at work or in the kitchen very comfortably. Plus, there are no technicalities or special storage needs for you to use or protect it. Place where you want to stand and when you’re done, put it in a closet or anywhere you want.

The Good:

  • Sealed Edges for durability
  • Cushioned surface with abrasion resistance
  • Very easy to clean
  • Sold by Amazon
  • Very basic but effective design

The Not so Good:

  • Some complaints of falling apart after 1+year of use

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  1. Art3d Standing Desk Mat:

Another ergonomically designed mat just like the Sunflower standing desk mat we talked about above. However, it has a larger standing area, and the whole surface is well-utilized to serve one purpose – providing comfortable standing positions. The mat promotes healthy standing by massaging the key nerve points at your feet so you can feel relaxed without sacrificing productivity. 

 The raised surface points at the back help with blood circulation while the two circular balls on the sides promote healthier standing. The mat is made with polyurethane foam, which gives it a soft surface that hugs your feet, and the large size of 27inx22in allows plentiful space for movement. Some of the pros and cons are:

The Good:

  • Different pressure points for blood flow
  • Ample space for feet movement
  • Edges allow hands-free sliding of the mat using feet
  • 100% Polyurethane material is easy to clean as well
  • 10-year warranty

The Not So Good:

  • Some reports claiming it to be too soft

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  1. ComfiLife GRIP Anti-Fatigue Comfort:

The 3/4″ thick mat is made using high-density foam that won’t get flat no matter how long you stand on it. The beveled edges ensure that you don’t accidentally slip from it while the non-slip rubber firmly keeps it in position. The ComfiLife mat comes in several vibrant colors that will go well with the overall décor of your office space or the kitchen. 

Furthermore, even though it is made of foam, it has a waterproof surface, which is a pretty nice addition considering the price of just $37. Moreover, the antimicrobial surface also makes it easier to clean the spills while also resisting stains. The mat also comes in two sizes; large and medium, with just a slight difference in prices. Some of its features and drawbacks include: 

The Good:

  • Specially engineered to be anti-fatigue with thick padding
  • Antimicrobial surface for easy cleaning
  • Reduces lower back pain while promoting a healthy posture
  • Non-slip bottom and beveled edges
  • Comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee

The Not So Good:

  • Some people reported it being too squishy

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Guide For Buying The Best Standing Mats:

  • Pressure: This is something that is subjective to everyone based on their weight. We suggest that you get thicker and firmer mats if you consider yourself overweight. Otherwise, the mat can get flat over time.
  • Materials: When searching for a mat for standing at work, it is imperative that you pay attention to its materials. We suggest that you go for the mats that are either made from foam or from polyurethane for the best results.
  • Design: There are several designs available in mats, and it is up to you to choose the design. However, if you feel fatigued after standing for a while, mats like the sunflower or Art3d will be better suited for you due to their foot massage features.
  • Size: The greater the size of your mat, the more space you will have to move your feet around. Since the standing desk mats are raised from the surface, you cannot put one foot on the floor and one of the mats. You need a mat covering the size of the area you can comfortably stand on.
  • Waterproof: This is a very useful feature to have if you don’t really like to spend your time cleaning. Waterproof mats can be a little expensive, but they offer stain resistance and can be cleaned pretty easily – just a wipe will take away all the gunk. 

Parting Words:

Knowing the benefits of something is one thing, and implementing it is completely different. We encourage you to take the plunge form today, buy a standing desk mat, and bring the positivity and work-health balance to your life.