Being an office employee, I would spend hours just sitting on my chair as I drafted reports day in and day out. Before long I was feeling back and neck pains that would just not go away. This confused me at first, since I exercised regularly and was a big fan of healthy living. This led me to read about what was causing these problems and I realized that sitting down for more than 8 hours a day everyday was the problem.

Dangers of Too Much Sitting Down
Numerous studies have shown that too much sitting down in the home or in the office can lead to serious health problems down the road. According to an article by MSNBC sitting down for long periods can raise a person’s risk of a heart attack. According to CBS San Francisco, research has shown that people who spent the majority of their days sitting down, whether it is in front of the computer, in front of the wheel or in front of the TV are more likely to have heart attacks and develop chronic problems like obesity and even cancer. In fact, too much sitting down is probably just as harmful to your body as smoking. It surely was the reason why I was feeling unhealthy and why my joints ached for no reason at all.

The Benefits of Switching to Standing Desks
Standing desks resemble drafter’s desks that are about waist high and are adjustable to any height. My standing desk was fitted with a monitor holder where I attached my monitor while my keyboard rested on the platform below it. I could comfortably do the things I used to do while sitting down, now while standing, and it felt better. There was no pressure on my sacral bones or spine, and the pain on my back disappeared. The slightly heavy sensation that I used to feel on my legs was also gone. Standing restored the normal circulation back to my legs and being on my feet caused me to shift my weight from one side to another, which further improved my circulation. Being on the move while standing also helped burn calories since I was on my feet as I answered emails and took phone calls.

However, I would not have found the transition from a conventional desk to a standing desk that easy had it not been for my comfortable Sublime Imprint Nantucket anti-fatigue mat (Read review). This standing desk mat gave my feet a comfortable but firm surface to stand on and eased the pressure off my knees. Although I spend more time standing than sitting down, I feel more comfortable, and I did not experience any difficulty transitioning from a conventional sit-down desk to a more ergonomic standing desk.