Not many people realize this but sitting at your desk to do eight hours of work is probably the most dangerous thing for your health. A study published in the American Epidemiology has stated a very interesting fact. According to them, an average person can actually increase his or her lifespan by decreasing the amount of time they spend sitting at their desk. You might be working out every day and you might have revamped your diet as well but if you sit at your desk for more than eight hours every day; you are at serious risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease. If you want to back up your healthy living, ensure that you use a standing desk.

Standing Desks: The New Alternative
Standing desks are now being considered as the best alternative for office workers. It’s not a new invention as standing desks have been around since the early 19th century. Several designs were popular with students and even Thomas Jefferson used a standing desk to carry on with his day to day work. As an alternative, he often used adjustable slanted top worktables along with high stools which were very comfortable. Variations on the same design are now being used in offices. Wall mounted desks, drafting table designs, telephone desks and many other variations are available along with adjustable stools. One of the most popular modern adjustable varieties is the this adjustable sitting to standing desk, available on Amazon.

Benefits of Standing Desks
Medical researchers have stated that apart from the immediate benefits of no back pain, standing desks offer a range of other healthy advantages. Sitting for a long period of time reduces muscle activity, heart rate, and calorie burning and even insulin and cholesterol usage. This means that you while you are sitting you are actually gaining weight by adding to your waistline and worsening blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. Your body also stops producing lipoprotein lipase and other hormones and enzymes that are essential for destroying stored fat cells. However, at a standing desk, your heart rate is elevated about ten beat more than normal in order to push blood towards your feet and back towards your heart again. Apart from the increased heart work, you are also exercising your leg, thigh and upper hip muscles resulting in better muscle tone and lower fat accumulation in this region. Standing desks also ensure that your back muscles are toned to produce improved posture. Due to the constant standing, your focus on your work improves as well. You don’t feel sleep and your are more active.

Switching to a standing desk
If you are not used to working while standing, a standing desk will take some adjustment. Place the desk on top of a standing desk mat to provide better support for your feet. The mat is also necessary as it has an essential anti-fatigue feature to protect your feet and lower back.